Green Building

Avalon Enterprises is committed to environmentally friendly design and construction.  All our projects have many sustainable design elements built into them automatically, resulting in healthier indoor air quality, comfort and efficiency.  How far “green” we go with is up to each client, and we are happy to educate you along the way as you consider trade-offs.  We have designed LEED Platinum homes and are knowledgeable on Passive House design.


Green is style agnostic. A green home can be designed within a budget to fit the specific needs and goals of a family.  Building green with Avalon is a personal and creative collaboration making the world a better place.



Green Building Links

Energy Efficiency in the Home

Water Efficiency

Landscape, Greywater and Rainwater

Recycling, Reducing Waste, Composting

California Resources and Tax Credits

National Environmental Education Organizations


“…. Kacey’s attention to detail, thorough command of design principles and sensitivity to our long and short term goals, resulted in a space that exceeded our expectations. This award-winning designer was an early advocate of building “green” and integrated energy efficient and sustainable products into our remodel.”
— Steve T.

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