About the Founder

Kacey Fitzpatrick holds a B.A. from Stanford University where she studied art and architecture, receiving the Guilla Webster McFarland Award for Excellence in Design in 1991. She has also studied architecture at Oxford University. Her home designs have garnered over 40 local and national awards. Ms. Fitzpatrick is a licensed general contractor, a LEED-Accredited Professional, and a Certified Green Building Professional.


Ms. Fitzpatrick chooses to focus on green design for two primary reasons: “First, I believe that green homes are truly better homes for families. Second, I believe that it is imperative that we change how we live and how we build in order to create a world that is sustainable for both current and future generations. My son is my personal inspiration and I am motivated every day to put my knowledge and expertise to work to create healthier homes and a better world for all.”

“Our customers choose us because we listen to them. We are committed to great design, quality craftsmanship and fulfilling our commitments.”


Los Altos, CA 94024